SAJET counts among its client transport companies (such as the Swiss Federal Railway [CFF] and private railway companies), energy suppliers (private electricity services for example), as well as cable producers and suppliers.

Here are some examples of works and services provided by our Company :

Installation of a new electrical transformer

  • February 2018
  • Valais

Installing the cables, setting up the new electrical transformer and connecting it to the existing installations.

Underground work

  • April 2017
  • Vaud Riviera

Removing old cables, installing new cables, fitting new electrical cabinets and connecting then commissioning the installations.

Installing very high voltage cables

  • November 2008
  • Canada

Installing 300 kV cables.

Working on a concrete mast

  • April 2007
  • Jura

Routing and installing 50 kV cables on a concrete mast.

Working on an overhead line

  • March 2006
  • Vaud

Removing then replacing an overhead line.

Fitting a high-voltage terminal

  • November 2007
  • Switzerland

Railway supply cable – Fitting a 30 kV terminal step by step.