Our company trains apprentices and ensures that its employees receive all the necessary training to carry out their profession. SAJET itself also trains railway personnel.

SAJET as a trainer

Operating for 35 years in the railway sector, our company has built up a strong reputation that has naturally led to its devising its own training programmes and running them both in-house and externally.

ll of our trainers have extensive practical experience in the railway sector and continue to drive rail and road vehicles, in addition to carrying out their job as trainers. Their skills in terms of training have been recognised for several years since they are FSEA-certified (Swiss Federation for Continuing Training) or BFFA-qualified (Adult Trainer Federal Certification). At the beginning of 2018, our Training Department also received ISO 29900 certification.


Multiple training programmes

From the OCVM10 to the B100 licence, through to the A40 / Ai40, A / Ai and other licences, SAJET offers a wide range of training programmes. These are conducted in the presence of our expert examiners, approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (OFT).

The training programmes that we offer are based on a modern apprenticeship scheme, which incorporates the experience of our trainers. We thus provide personalised solutions.

Post-training follow up

If the training is important, the laws in force impose regular skills upgrades, as well as periodic examinations. Similarly, the regulations are not fixed, with new regulatory provisions being regularly issued by the competent authorities. This is why we offer you post-training follow-up.

We can notify you when certificates are due to expire, when to enrol on the necessary courses and when to register for compulsory periodic examinations and make prior preparations, etc.

This service, resulting from findings linked to our knowledge of the sector, enables you to guarantee at all times that the accreditations of your personnel are compliant. The complexity of the system of validity of Swiss Federal Office of Transport licences makes it matter for a specialist.

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