Optimising railway infrastructures and providing highly-qualified personnel and railway vehicles.

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We are there to carry out all your maintenance, renewal, connection and grounding work as well as all the operations required to resolve any installation faults.


Our cable-installation experts can install any type of cable (power, telecommunications, signalling) of any size, any voltage and in any environment.

In order to accommodate these cables, we strongly recommend FRE technology.


Our security chiefs ensure the application of safety measures on all railway sites and our protectors protect your personnel from the dangers associated with railway operations.

Locomotive drivers

In addition to our experts for all your railway works, you can call on us if you need train drivers. Many of our employees hold the necessary licences and have long years of experience in this area.


SAJET also deals with the maintenance and servicing of switches and crossings as well as point heaters.

Do you need emergency service or are you looking for railway personnel?

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