A season of repairs

The summer season is renowned for its storms and our teams do not fail to intervene for repairs. This was the case at the beginning of July in the Jura-Nord vaudois. SAJET intervened to replace a wooden pole and a power line, struck by lightning and weakened. You can therefore call upon SAJET for all […]

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Helicopter transport, when our sites require the use of large resources !

Although used to operating all kinds of construction machinery, our employees had to use the best means available on Wednesday 17 April ! A helicopter transport operation was indeed necessary to bring 4 electric poles to hard-to-reach and steep areas. Accessing sites located in the middle of the forest, turning off the line, checking that […]

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700 FRE tubes installed at a depth of 30 meters !

May 2019 marks the end of a major project for SAJET. Indeed, since mid-2018, our teams have installed no less than 700 FRE tubes in n a 625-metre long gallery at a depth of 30 metres.

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