Other services

FRE technology, lifting vehicles, special craning operations, asbestos removal and site thermographic surveys,… SAJET can also offer you these services.

FRE technology

To route your cables, we offer FRE technology : composite Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy (FRE) tubes that can be installed on the surface, underground and even under water.

Compared to PVC, high-density polyethylene and other types of rigid conduits, this is a sustainable and cheap alternative that has numerous advantages: easy to install, lightweight, safe non-conducting system, higher impact and crushing resistance and unequalled fire resistance for a plastic product, as well as virtually non-existent fume emissions and resistance to high operating temperatures.

For further details about the FRE tubes that we offer, please consult the catalogue.

Lifting vehicles

On a short- or long-term basis, you can hire the following crane trucks from us to perform your special lifting operations:

You will find descriptions of each crane truck by clicking on their name.

Special lifting operations

We handle all your special lifting and transport operations, even those requiring the use of a helicopter.

Asbestos removal and site thermographic surveys

You can call on SAJET to get rid of asbestos from certain sites.

SAJET also offers thermographic services to optimise your electrical installations. These allow us to measure the temperatures of each component and compare them with identical components or with maximum permissible values.

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