About us

SAJET is involved in the construction and maintenance of electrical, railway and telecommunication networks, as well as in the training of apprentice power system electricians and railway personnel.


The history of our company began over 35 years ago with Marc Joray.

Originally from Switzerland’s Jura region, with a wealth of experience in the energy sector, he foresaw the growth in demand within the electricity and telecommunications market and decided to set up a company with his two sons, John and Daniel. Marc Joray’s instincts proved correct because, over the years, not only has the company continued to grow, but has also diversified.

Although SAJET now numbers over 100 employees, it is still a family business, both due to the ethos that prevails within it and also because John and Daniel Joray are still at its head.

For the record, the name « SAJET » simply stands for « Société Anonyme Joray Energy Télécom » [Joray Energy Telecom Company Limited].


Our employees include locomotive drivers, specialised installers of contact lines, cable installers, guards, heavy-vehicle drivers, crane operators, trainers,… in other words, a wide range of professions that enables SAJET to offer numerous services.

SAJET’s strength lies, among other things, in its ability to make highly qualified personnel available to companies that need staff quickly, for one-off jobs or on a long-term basis.

Area of activities

SAJET’s employees go where the sites take them; usually in the Romandy region of Switzerland, but sometimes abroad too.


SAJET, is a company that’s…


To best understand your needs.

On a human scale

Despite our growth, we’ve preserved the original family ethos.


We offer tailor-made solutions and adapt to changes of plan.


We give priority to your urgent needs regarding works or personnel.

Concerned about its employees

We make sure that they work in complete safety and have high job satisfaction and motivation.

To find out more about our values and commitments, please consult our Company Policy.


Holding the quadruple ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 29900 certification, the Company safeguards…


Our products and services are uniform and of good quality.


Our environmental impact is governed by precautionary measures.

Health and safety

To limit accidents involving employees or third parties to a minimum.


A department dedicated entirely to training railway personnel.

In terms of health and safety, SAJET is a signatory of the SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund) safety charter and has its own charter covering this issue, which you can consult here.

The document relating to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications is available here and the one relating to ISO 29900 certification can be consulted here.