Training in the railway sector, also for external people

Operating for more than 35 years in the railway sector, SAJET offers its employees a wide range of training in the field : from the OCVM10 to B100 licence, through to the A40 / Ai40, A / Ai and other licences.

But in addition to its employees, SAJET, through the trainers and experts in the examinations of its « Département de formation de personnel ferroviaire », also trains employees of external companies.

Recently, the company railCare trusted SAJET to train several of its employees in the A40 permit, i.e. driving railway vehicles.

Obtaining the A40 permit allows manoeuvring movements in stations and simple manoeuvring movements on a prohibited track of the full track to be carried out at a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

After several days of theoretical courses, supplemented by exercises and feedback from our trainers, railCare employees were able to get to the heart of the matter with the practical training !