Helicopter transport, when our sites require the use of large resources !

Although used to operating all kinds of construction machinery, our employees had to use the best means available on Wednesday 17 April !

A helicopter transport operation was indeed necessary to bring 4 electric poles to hard-to-reach and steep areas.

Accessing sites located in the middle of the forest, turning off the line, checking that it is off and grounding – in collaboration with the network operator -, dismantling the old poles, preparing the ground for the new poles… the steps before the helicopter’s arrival were numerous. The pilots then had to manoeuvre to slide the poles quietly and safely to the sites set up for this purpose by our employees.

Even if it only lasts a few minutes, this operation, which is unusual and requires excellent coordination between the ground teams and the pilots, always makes a lasting impression ! The helicopter being used only on rare occasions, when it is the only way to bring equipment to steep and difficult to access terrain.

This intervention marked the end of a project lasting several months for our employees, which was entrusted to us by one of our clients. The latter consisted of replacing 29 wooden poles on a high-voltage power line, each measuring between 11 and 14 metres.